Coffee Cup

Our Exclusive Own Blend
Roasted the Hi Coffee Way... We call it Premio

1. Origin

Our Premio blend is  a unique combination is four beans from across the globe

2. Blend

Our Premio blend is made using 80% arabica and 20% robusta beans.

3. Method

Unlike the big coffee chains, we do not use a quick and electronic 5 minute roast. Instead Hi Coffee choose the traditional italain “flame roast method” - a process that slowly roasts the beans for exactly 18mins.

4. Benfits

Our Italian inspired method of roasting allows for a better development of flavour and body, giving our guests a uniquely perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Coffee Made 'The Hi Coffee Way'

Coffee grinder

1. Grind

Our beans are freshly ground on demand to deliver our coffee at its aromatic best. Our digital grinders help us achieve a uniform, particle sized grind thats neither too course, nor too fine.

Coffee tamper

2. Tamp

A faultless tamp is an integral part of producing exceptional espresso. We believe pressure is crucial, but consistency is key, as we endeavour to provide the same great product, to all of our great customers.

perfectly timed coffee

3. Extract

Every cup of coffee is closely observed and precisely timed for 22-27 seconds to ensure a perfect extraction and the finest espresso crema.

Coffee Products

4. Pour

Our baristas make certain that every coffee is expertly poured and finished to our customers expecting standards before sealing service with a smile.