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We're all about great coffee, people & creative spaces

This was how Hi Coffee began. Today, our value base remains the same. We want to raise the bench mark for our guests with premium products and quality service in the coffee industry. Everyday we work towards this by keeping things simple, honest and open.

Our spaces allow for both professional or social visits. Whether it's a catch up session with friends or meeting clients on mutual grounds, we really are there for you.

We love change, listening to guests & sharing ideas.

We're constantly improving our stores and opening more outlets so more people can experience Hi Coffee. Every day we look forward to hearing about your weekend antics, past and present, your journey ahead, how many stops you have left if you are travelling by train and of course, we cannot forget those seasonal rushes or rail replacement days.

Above all we love making your day.

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The Tale of Hi Coffee

We opened our ever first store at a busy train station back in 2013. The industry was pretty chaotic back then, yet we saw an opportunity to make a real mark and improve the quality of food and drink in the travel market. We felt that for too long, guests who commute daily were paying double the price, for half the product and service. We constantly saw guests experiencing inconsistent food and drink, bitter coffee, stale sandwiches and crumbled cakes.

We witnessed dull, uninviting and uninspiring stores that are not good enough for guests using transport to facilitate their daily lives. we experienced service that was aggressive and impatient, often failing to deliver. It was rare to see guests feel privileged and rewarded for their loyalty.

Enough was enough.

We set out for Hi Coffee to make a change, to make a statement and to challenge the existing coffee shop industry, making it better for both guests and our partners. It wasn’t going to be an easy task, but we went for it. We quickly learnt that we would need passion, patience and perseverance to see it through.

When our first store opened, we were welcomed, embraced and supported. This is where we developed our ability to consistently meet the demands of our guests, time and time again. We learnt that team work is everything and began growing our brand. This was an exciting, yet exhausting few years. Yet none of us would change a thing. 

Today we source our own blend, roasting it right here in the UK. We use only the finest beans to create our Premio Blend. The true meaning of the word in Italian is prize, which is the only word an Italian would use to describe premium. That is why we proudly call our blend ‘Premio’!

Our Values


We are a premium brand that offers only the best products and services to our guests. We endeavour to treat our guests to the same unrivalled taste and quality every time they visit.


We put our guests first! We focus on providing a welcoming experience for all of our guests, coupling a considered ambience with friendly, knowledgable and attentive Brand Partners.


We love people displaying passion for the work they do! We educate our Brand Partners ‘the Hi Coffee way’ to ensure that guests experience a consistent level of passion for quality and service, across every one of our stores. We earn loyalty by catering for our guest’s every need.


We pride ourselves on efficiency and consistency, while understanding the needs of our guests. Our partners endeavour to provide a fast, friendly and focused service to all of our guests.

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